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A great holiday gift idea youcan share...
but only for a limited time!

Let everyone give the gift of school spirit by opening an online holiday spiritwear store for your school, team or club this year. They'll love you for doing it and it's super simple to do: no collecting money, no handing out orders. Our Ares elves collect payments online and deliver directly to everyone's door. And, It only takes minutes to set up. You can also use the store as a fundraiser if you'd like.

Go ahead. Have everyone think you're just like Santa.

We can only open a limited number of Holiday stores, so open your store today!

Just call us at 866-757-8858 to get started.

Holiday Store

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Be a hero for your team or organization by opening an online store. Give everyone the power to order on their own, get the gear and sizes they want, and have it all delivered right to their door. Convenient, easy to setup, and customizable – opening an online store takes minutes and saves hours.

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Featured product

Everyone loves this trending gear. Ombre is French for “shaded.” For you and your team, it’ll mean “great look, great performance.”

Ombre features a sublimated front and back that’s ready to accept almost any design. Athletes will love its athletic cut and superior fit. Parents will appreciate Ombre’s no fade, no stink and no sweat performance that’s guaranteed for life.

Ready to order? Call today. Our apparel experts provide the support you need to quickly outfit everyone in your organization.

Badger Ombre Hoodie

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